Ricoh 5054 544 error codes reset

This section describes likely causes of and possible solutions for the error messages that are printed on the error logs or reports. Authentication has failed. The machine currently cannot perform authentication because the address book is being used by another function.

ricoh 5054 544 error codes reset

Reduce the paper size of the file that you want to send to a size that the document server can store. Custom size files can be sent but not stored afterward. Turn the main power switch off and then back on again. If the message appears again, contact your sales or service representative. Select the proper paper size for the duplex function.

Cannot store. Delete some of the files stored in the document server or reduce the number of pages that you want to send. When printing with the PostScript 3 printer driver, the HDD's capacity for fonts and forms has been exceeded. Turn off the main power switch, and back on again.

If the message appears again, contact your service representative. Access to the wireless board in which the wireless LAN interface unit is inserted is possible, but an error was detected. Turn off the machine, and check the wireless board is inserted correctly.

Then, turn the machine on again. If the message appears again, call your service representative. Turn off the machine, and check the wireless card. The user name for LDAP or RDH authentication was already registered in a different server with a different ID, and a duplication of the user name occurred due to a switching of domains servers ,etc.

If this message continues to appear after taking these steps, decrease the number of files sent to the machine. If the message appears again, replace the RAM. Check the paper orientation, print orientation, and punch position. Certain settings can produce print results that might not be as expected.

Check the paper orientation, paper quantity, print orientation, and staple position. This job has been cancelled. The contents of errors may be printed on the Configuration Page. Check the Configuration Page in conjunction with the error log. Messages Printed on the Error Logs or Reports This section describes likely causes of and possible solutions for the error messages that are printed on the error logs or reports.

Related topics Checking the Error Log.Normally you have to enter SP mode to reset the errors. Go to 5 mode and select 0 value for Press enter, select "yes" if prompted for confirmation, and restart the machine.

Replace drum if you don't have a drum right now then then choose pixels mode.

ricoh 5054 544 error codes reset

Gel printer's print head is usually blocked by the ink. Gel printer technology is failed in my opinion. I hate it. Just through your Gel printer out and you will feel comfortable. I have SC Problem. If it can be fixed, I'll try, but if it isn't, I'll call the service. It seems that something is wrong with the Laser Unit.

Better to call service. I have gestetner mpc after replacing the drum unit, error code sc and sc keep coming up in turn and repetitively, i can make max 4 copies before this error codes come up and i have to restart the machine before i can make other copies, any idea how to reset or solve this problem, thanks.

SC Image compression error Hard disk drive error. I had it operating for over prints and it came back. Replace oil roller on fuser roller Think i will get an answer here! I have a machine Ricohunfortulately the Duplex unit is not turning the paper to print on page two! What could be the problem1. Please HELP!! Thanks Brad. Please can someone help me with a solution to this error message "Functional problem has occurred.

Thank you. When sending a print from a website on ricoh aficio mp equipment C aficio mp and in printers marks an error code sc because could help me please. Pls solve it!!! Have updated all fiery updates, compressed Drive D which was almost maxed out, now ok. Took out Music Sensors and cleaned, new drums, drum cleaning unit, new coronas. How to reset? A blank page comes out each time I print then displays the error code.

A blank page comes out whenever I print and then display the error code after. Can someone tell me how to replace the bciu in a ricoh aficio mp c - or direct me to where I can find a manual that will instruct me? Temperature is set to degrees, would reducing the temperature help with the curling? Will the printer print as effectively reducing the temperature? Hello, I have this code SC what should I do?

Please can any one help me how to reset error code No. Hi I have a ricoh mp Pages Home Privacy Policy. Ricoh Error Codes.The admin password i changed is not working and the default admin password is not working.

Problem is on the new Ricoh machines if the Supervisor password is changed there is no setting in the machine to reset it.

There is no SP mode to reset this password. Thanks for thinking of me. I have no magic access to Ricoh, but did find a Spiceworks thread you can try. Ricoh Code. Try hold down the. To confirm this, try to logon to the admin console, username admin, password should be left blank. Try logging in as Supervisor. Depending on who set it up it could be anything really. Good ones to try are:. Just checked the manual.

Error Codes

There is no Administrator or Supervisor password programs. Ricoh used to have the ability but no longer. Can only be purchased through a dealer. Might be able to get one off a used machine if the passwords are known. They are surprisingly inexpensive compared to some of the other boards on the machine. The counters will also be reset. On newer machines, if you can do a full memory overwrite, it will clear the password. Requires a full setup afterward, as everything is gone.

Does I'm having the same problem with a Savin SP. Someone has gone in and change the password for admin and also for supervisor. Is there a way to do a factory reset which gets rid of the passwords? Set it back to factory admin admin. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Kindly assist. Thank you.

Best Answer. Bill This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.Ricoh copiers use error codes in order to alert users that there is a problem with the functioning of the copier. Codes that begin with "SC" refer to issues with the fuser components, which heat up to bind the toner or ink to the paper. While clearing the code can be accomplished by most users, it is important to point out that clearing the code does not fix the problem.

Codes that reappear should be addressed by a certified Ricoh technician. Press the "1,0,7" keys in succession. You do not have to hold the buttons down at the same time but need to press and release them in this exact order. Press and hold the "Stop" key. You will need to hold this button down until the Ricoh copier enters into service mode.

The touch screen display will read "service mode" and three soft keys will appear. Press the "Exit" button. This button will be on the touch screen display in the upper right hand corner. Once pressed, the copier will return to normal operation mode.

ricoh 5054 544 error codes reset

Turn off the main power. The main power button will be located on the side or front of the copier, depending on which Ricoh model you are working on. Patrick Phelps began writing professionally in and has completed writing projects for many businesses, including the University of Southern California, Richard Emmott Marketing in the U.

Share It. Press the "Clear Modes" button. This button will be on the main panel of the Ricoh copier. Turn the power back on. Once the copier is powered back up, the service code will be cleared. About the Author.This is an update to a recent article about not being able to print to your copier, printer or MFP, because of a print job being stuck in the printer queue.

I had a service call from one of our clients yesterday that was experiencing this problem.

Error Codes

They have a single computer that they use to send print jobs to the two copiers. So this is a very basic setup, nothing fancy going on here. The print shop owner was on the internet and tried to print directly from a webpage and the print job got stuck on both copiers. The print shop owner and the offset press operator took turns trying to clear the print job by turning the machines off then on. They also turned the computer off then on and were still not able to clear the print job. Not only did this cause them frustration, but it also cost them some business.

They had several walk in customers they could not service because the two machines were not accepting print jobs. One of the customers that had to be turned away wanted 2, color copies made, ouch. Let me be more specific about what I mean by saying, do not print directly from a webpage. I asked Mrs. Print Shop owner to show me how she sent the print job to the copier.

So she opened up a web browser. And then she found a page with a recipe on it that she liked. Then she right clicked on the screen and clicked on print from the drop down menu.

That or anything similar to this is printing direct from a webpage. The best thing you can do to reliably print the content from the webpage is to download it to your computer first. And then print the file you downloaded.

If the webpage content you want to print is not in a downloadable format then you have a couple of options. First look for a print icon, some websites make their content print friendly by providing a print button that will reformat the page into a format that most printers will understand.

Then open Word and paste it on the page.

ricoh 5054 544 error codes reset

Then you can print from the word document. Now back to what you wanted to know. Print Shop owner spoke with our help line and followed their instructions but was still unable to get the printers working again. We were still unable to resolve the problem. I really wanted to know why this was being so hard to correct. It was not a big mystery because the file path and print job name were displayed right on the operation panel for both copiers.

Powering a copier, printer, or MFP down and restarting it will clear the print queue on the equipment not the computer though. And she had already cleared the computers print queue, turned it off and back on again, and stopped the print spooler and restarted it. So I went to visit Mrs. Print Shop owner and her two unruly machines. She is always pleasant and friendly, so I looked forward to solving this mystery for her. The above steps solved the problem, that for whatever reason we were unable to correct with over the phone support.

Messages Printed on the Error Logs or Reports

Call us at: Call Us: Ricoh MP C This is an update to a recent article about not being able to print to your copier, printer or MFP, because of a print job being stuck in the printer queue. Ricoh Aficio Let me be more specific about what I mean by saying, do not print directly from a webpage.It's a long story why, but the printer is locked by administrator password not any of the default ones.

How would I go about reseting this password? If I need to go into the service menu, a brief guide on how to navigate around inside of it and adjust settings would be very useful. I know how to open the service menu, and I've worked in the service menu on Canons before.

However, Ricoh's is very different. On the models you have, it would have been an add-on, since they license the PostScript controller from Adobe. It sounds like you don't have the option installed in either machine if it's giving you gibberish. If it's not there, your only real way to get all of the options the devices offer is to check with your dealer or service provider to see if they can still get the required SD card for those systems. That is if it hasn't changed from defaults.

If changed and do not know the PW, then log in as Supervisor. Rommy IT is an IT service provider. Supervisor with blank password should work, I do not think that can even be changed. Are you doing it from the console or webimagemonitor? I am almost certain I tried Supervisor on both, but I'm second guessing myself now. I'll be trying them both again shortly.

I did try supervisor no password and Supervisor no password on the web portal. It did not work. Call the tech. They might have enabled DOS on this machine and assigned it a custom username and password. You will probably need to call an Authorized Ricoh dealer and there is a procedure to reset, seems someone at sometime changed the admin password.

Calling Ricoh tech support was my first move. Unfortunately, m y client purchased the Richoh printer second hand from another business that apparently owes Ricoh some money.I have ricoh sp su. Dear Mr. Kumar, It seems like the SU is designed for Asian market. I have a Aficio sp c dn and I don't have a yellow button or numbers and it says service call sc can someone help me please. Hello Mr. Younger, Thank you for leaving a comment here.

To solve the SC error code, is there any way you can locate and select "clear mode" from your printer? However, this service call is trying to tell you that something might be wrong with your printer, like one of the boards inside might gone bad. If that's the case, it is better if you can find someone to check with your printer and perhaps replace the parts in order for it to work properly. Hope this helps.

Toner Spot Team. I have richo spsu printer, error code is service call sc How to resolve it??? Kindly help. Suman, Thank you for leaving a comment here. The steps are similar with the previous comment solution: To solve the SC error code, is there any way you can locate and select "clear mode" from your printer? Hello Romnick, The solution is the same from the previous comment: To solve the SC error code, is there any way you can locate and select "clear mode" from your printer?

Hello Sir, You might want to provide more information such as your printer model, what was the error code, etc. Perhaps our technician can provide further assistance for you. Chouhan, This code can mean that something is wrong with your thermistor or the fusing temperature is off. See if it helps. However, if the issue persists, you might want to contact a local technician and perhaps need to swap out the thermistor.

I have Ricoh printer SP cdn with error code sc I have replaced the fuser unit but the error remains.

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